Star Wars Edge of the Empire

Episode I Recap
Dealing with Dragons

It is a period of civil war.

And war is good for business. At least it can be, unless you are two unlucky entrepreneurs in debt to a shadowy organization for the theft of a Starship and the loss of a Hutt.

In an attempt to prove their worth and keep their lives, Bothan trader, Jymm Ven’Kel and his co-pilot, Konie Czka accept a job that began with the recovery of an ancient artifact from a Tatooine ruin under the noses of Imperial forces and ended with a hyperspace journey to the fringe world of Bakura.

Saddled with a sociopathic thug, Gaius Buck as their keeper and along with their oft-broken security droid, C4-NT (it came with the ship), the pair barely managed to survive encounters with hordes of sand people, Imperial Storm-Troopers, deadly bounty hunters, droid freedom-fighters and Kurtzen zealots before discovering the secret of an ancient power source that could be the means to creating the next ultimate power in the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the four newly bonded companions were confronted by Imperial Agent, Symoon Glin and a heavily armed squad of Storm Troopers and Bounty Hunters before they could abscond with the power source for their employer.

Decisions were made.

The power source was destroyed, as was their ship, though through sheer luck (and a hazy memory of events) the group managed to secure a replacement vessel and make their escape from Glin and his forces.

Though with any hope of maintaining anonymity from the Empire lost and with no prize to return with (and a dead contact to explain) the group decides to go into hiding and attempt to start over anew in a different distant corner of the galaxy…


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