Ugh. So I have to be honest with you guys. I’m pretty much burnt out on “Star Wars” – as a setting at least. I’ve never been a super-fan and having to come up with new stories and adventures in the universe has become sort of depressing for me.

The game mechanics of EOTE are pretty darn fun (minus the stupid/boring Talent trees) but as I’ve been sitting down to plan future sessions of the game I’m pretty much just getting a headache and not giving a crap.

Let me be clear: It’s no you. It’s me.

That’s partially why I posted the D&D Next option, but I also enjoy what’s happening to that game and have immensely enjoyed running the playtest so far.

So where does that leave us? Well, we could try a few things.

1. I can try to keep the Star Wars campaign going for another week. There’s plot and adversaries and shit that can certainly keep us busy for at least one more session. Chances are I’ll just be phoning it in, though.

2. We can try restarting the EOTE game in a shared universe, not the established Star Wars one. We create the organizations, the planets, the aliens and technology when making characters and as we play. This might work. Might not. Probably not.

3. I may just be burnt out from running games in general. In which case someone else could pick up the slack and try running something. I would love to actually be a player again as it takes zero effort and I get to be demanding and judgmental which I am very good at.

4. I can run something else entirely. Probably not something we should jump into this Sunday beyond character creation, but a possibility. D&D Next is just playtesting right now which is fun, but not the same as an ongoing campaign. Down the road I could try running Werewolf the Apocalypse again… though that is most likely nostalgia and a pipe dream talking. There are quite a few sc-fi games that I “could” run like Eclipse Phase, Cyperpunk, Alternity, Trinity etc. These are things I’ve really wanted to run in the past, but I have a feeling they will leave me similarly burnt-out and I’d have to learn/re-learn the rules for all of those as well.

So… Thoughts? Suggestions?

Sorry to drop this on you guys less than a week out, but yeah. Shit.

Star Wars Edge of the Empire

Episode II – The Company We Keep

Next Session – Sunday, 08/11/2013 @ 1pm

  • Location – Poncho’s pad (now slighty more furnished)

Star Wars Edge of the Empire

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